Trump on Greece's Debt Crisis: "Putin Probably Comes In To Save The Day"


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump assesses the Greek debt crisis with FOX Business Network's Maria Bartiromo.

"Well I would stay back a little bit," Trump said about getting involved with Greece. "I wouldn't get too involved. We get too involved with too many other things. I would definitely stay back."

"Don't forget, the whole Euro situation was created to compete against United States. They put a together a group of countries to beat United States.

Trump said the U.S. should rely on Germany to take care of Greece's debt problem, calling it "peanuts" for them.

"Germany is very powerful, very strong," Trump said. "I’d let Germany handle it. We have enough problems; let Germany handle it. Germany will take care of it. This is peanuts for Germany. They’ll take care of it."

Trump believes if Germany doesn't step in he fears Vladimir Putin will come in and "save the day."

"Frankly, Putin probably comes in to save the day, if Germany doesn't," Trump said. "So I think that Greece is going to be better shape than people think. But if United States cannot be in every fight, and just remember, this was all set up to hurt the United States. They were going to do better trades because of the power. Unfortunately, you know, it hasn't worked out perfectly. It’s probably still not a bad thing."

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