Trump On Comments About Illegals: "I Don't Apologize"; "A Very Straight And Legitimate Statement"


DONALD TRUMP: No, I don't apologize. Everybody knows what’s going on. You have illegal immigrants pouring through the country. They’re incarcerated, many of them are in jails. You have hundreds of thousands of people going to state and federal penitentiaries. That just came out in Homeland Security Report. You just have to take a look at them. The crime is rampant all over the place. You have the illegals just literally pouring -- and not from Mexico only, they’re coming from all over the world. You have them all over South America, but they’re coming from the Middle East. They’re coming from everywhere and they’re pouring through the border. We do nothing about it. And I am saying make the boarder strong and we will make border strong if I win. Believe me, we will have an impenetrable boarder. We will have a strong border. People will come in if they’re legally allowed to come in, but if they’re not, they can’t come in...

My plan is to build a wall and it wouldn’t have to be necessarily complete because there is some areas where you don’t need the wall. There are some areas where you’d have your various -- you’d have the military and they’d be able to block it very easily. But basically, we would build a wall and I’m very good building walls and building things and building buildings and this would be easy to do. I look at the numbers that these are characters came up for a wall and it’s ridiculous. It should cost a really good job. It could cost one-third of the numbers I’m looking at and that’s what I do for a business. That’s what I do for a living. We need security at the border. We have to stop the illegals from coming in. They’re coming in and lots of bad things are happening when they’re coming in and not all these people are lovely, nice people, believe me...

They keep Brian Williams, who’s a, you know, open liar. Brian Williams lied like as much as you can lie. He made up stories. He was their main announcer and then they take him back. Do they think he’s really going to change? I doubt it. They have Al Sharpton, they have lots of people. So, you know, if they want controversy, they certainly have the people. But with us, I make a very straight and legitimate statement about the illegal immigrants that are pouring into the country. We don't even know where they’re going. Some are causing tremendous problems in the country. Everybody agrees with me. I mean, many people agree with me. I went to New Hampshire last night. We had this largest -- really large crowd of people that came up. They were all for Trump.

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