Rep. McCaul on Iran Deal: "We Lifted The Sanctions To Get Them To The Table" "Damage Has Been Done"


Mike McCaul, chairman on the House Committee on Homeland Security, shares his concerns about the Iran nuclear deal that was supposed to be completed today, but has been postponed a fourth time to next Thursday.

MCCAUL: I met President Netanyahu in Israel a month and a half ago, he is not opposed to a deal, he just wants a good deal. This is his back yard. I was up here, we have a lot of Jewish supporters in New York, and they are very concerned about the Iranian Empire and the threat that they pose.

He [Netanyahu] called Iran a tiger, we treat them like domesticated cats. In his words...

MSNBC: Lets say we blow through today's deadline, and that looks likely, July 9th or whatever the next deadline is. Sen. Corker has suggested... we don't have to have these artificial headlines, at some point the sanctions regime is going to fall apart... we could be in a worse position.

MCCAUL: I've been in Congress the past decade passing these sanctions to get Iran to the table, unfortunately we lifted the sanctions to get them to the table, it is hard to undo -- the damage has been done there. You know, you can't reverse that course. And I think that was part of the initial problem...

I don't think this deal is going to be the best possible deal.

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