Krauthammer on Christie: "He's Four Years Too Late," Ideological Space Has Been Taken By Jeb Bush


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, he is all personality. That's what he's selling. That's who he is. It's not the policy, it's not the successes. As Governor of New Jersey it's very hard to do when you are a Republican in a Democratic-dominated state. He has got some stuff done but obviously his numbers are underwater in his own home state. This is the force of personality.

You know, with some candidates, perhaps all politicians, there is always a moment. And I think, I mean, who knows, he could jump out of the pack, win the nomination. I think it's extremely improbable. His moment was four years ago when he was fresh, brash, there was just something about him. He was, you know, the candidate everybody wanted, the anti-Mitt Romney and he decided he wanted to wait and now the buzz is gone and that excitement is gone. And we have seen a few of the raw moments of that personality. I mean, his only hope is to run on entitlements, to run as the guy who speaks the truth, it's a long shot. His political space, ideological, it has been taken by Jeb Bush. It's a hard lane he is running in. It's a long shot, but it's hard not to like the guy.

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