Cruz: Trump Shouldn't Apologize For Speaking Out Against The Problem That Is Illegal Immigration


TED CRUZ: When it comes to Donald Trump, I like Donald Trump. I think he’s terrific, I think he’s brash, I think he speaks the truth. And I think NBC is engaging in political correctness that is silly and that is wrong.

ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, FOX NEWS: Should he apologize for what he said [saying most Mexicans are criminal rapist drug dealers]?

CRUZ: I don’t think you should apologize for speaking out against the problem that is illegal immigration... I recognize the PC world, the mainstream media, they don’t want to admit it. But the American people are fed up.

BRIAN KILMEADE: Are they mostly drug dealers and rapists coming across the border?

CRUZ: Look, they’re not mostly that. But Donald Trump has a way of speaking getting attention. And I credit him for focusing on an issue that needs to be focused on... I represent the state of Texas, we've got 2,700 miles of border [with Mexico].

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