Ben Rhodes: An Agreement Has To Be Good Even If Iran Doesn't Change


Benjamin Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser to President Obama, and Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, discuss the worldview of President Obama the Iran talks, and the continuing crisis across the broader Middle East.

JEFFREY GOLDBERG: Does the president actually see Iran as an adversary? There are huge worries, you have united every American ally in the middle east, on this question, Israel and Saudi Arabia, on the question of how this p[resident understands Iran. There is a great fear that he thinks he is going to convert them into being a rational actor on the international stage. Do you believe that they are going to change out of this?

BEN RHODES: We believe that an agreement is necessary and has to be good enough to be worth doing even if Iran doesn't change, if ten or fifteen years from now Iran is the same, in terms of its government, good enough that the deal can exist on those merits.

That said, we believe that a world in which there is a deal with Iran is much more likely to produce an evolution in Iran's behavior.

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