King: Kagan & Sotomayor "Actively In Their Private Lives, Violating Society's Norms, And Then Ratifying It In The Court"


Iowa Congressman Steve King gives his reaction to Friday morning's Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage Friday evening in Pierson, Iowa.

STEVE KING: [Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan] were conducting same-sex marriages before they sat down to decide the case. it is impossible for them to be objective, if they are actively in their private lives violating society's norms and then ratifying it in a Supreme Court decision. And if those two had recused themselves we would have a 4-3 decision that would have preserved marriage as it has been throughout all the history of humanity...

I'm advocating today that the states take a look at simply abolishing civil marriage, civil unions, civil relationships entirely.

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