Glenn Beck To Conservatives: "The Government Is On A Freight Train Of Control"


GLENN BECK: They are doing everything they can to divide us, that is going to get worse and worse as time goes on, we are going to feel more and more divided. We have to stick together and we have to recognize where we win.

We just, the good guys won last week, we won in Charleston, now lets stick together. Because some big decisions are being made at the Supreme Court this week and it could divide us strongly.

Some of the things happening, the consequences of these decisions and the reach of these decisions has the capability to affect our daily life... things that you've grown accustomed to for decades, but there is a much bigger theme here that we need to look for.

The government is on a freight train of control and it is out of control and picking up more and more steam...

In a 6-3 vote the Supreme Court struck down a Congressional ruling that allowed Americans who were born in Jerusalem to list Israel as their country of birth. That box would have shown "Israel" on your passport, but now it is just "Jerusalem," as if Jerusalem is just kind of a city with no country at all...

We will pay for this one, things are going to get tough, now lets look at it politically, in the material world. The official U.S. position is now that Jerusalem is disputed, it is now law. The U.S. president can now use his official foreign policy, and there is no Congressional check to that, despite the fact that Israel was unified back in 1967.

We've not only told our own citizens, we've told God and the entire world that a sovereign nation, an ally for that matter, Israel, can not choose their own capitol.

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