Myrlie Evers: Wall Street Journal Addresses Mass Murderer As "Mister," "I'm Horrified"


Myrlie Evers, civil rights icon and chairman of the Medgar and Myrlie Evers Institute, and Jerry Mitchell, investigative reporter for the Jackson, MS Clarion-Ledger, talk with Rachel Maddow about the sudden change in the politics of race in the South. Mrs. Evers explains how she felt reading the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the mass murder around timestamp 5:00 of this MSNBC video.

MYRLIE EVERS: Really how far have we come? The question that was asked years ago, how far. It is still a point that needs to be honestly answered.

I must say that I am so disturbed by what has been happening in these last few days. I'm horrified. Horrified at the fact that one of the largest newspapers in this country, the Wall Street Journal, had a series of articles, and those articles, each time, called that young man who killed the people in the church, "mister," they addressed him as "mister" throughout that article.

They have done it again and again. We're looking at a paper that impact millions of people, not only here but worldwide.

I am horrified, I am angry with it, because people don't realize what one subtle thing can do to take us back years. To roll back all of the advances we have made. I think I have kind of set my self up as a person to critique those things, and I must admit. I am still angry. I could not say that a couple of weeks ago, but I can say it today honestly...

People say to me, well aren't you satisfied with the progress we've made, my answer is absolutely no. We still have so much to do to correct the ills of our society.

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