Ed Schultz Declares "Sanders Surge," Interviews Voters At Huge Rally In Denver


Bernie Sanders hosted one of the largest political rallies of the year at the University of Denver on Saturday. 5,500 people turned up to hear his message of economic populism, so many that the school's lacrosse field was packed with overflow crowd watching on the scoreboard. MSNBC's Ed Schultz reports. "This is not celebrity tour, it is apparent, the people here are astute on the issues and stand with Bernie," Schultz says. "They stand with him on trade and fighting inequality."

JANET SCHNOOPER, COLORADO RESIDENT: I'm not into politics a lot. They intimidated me, I didn't feel I had a place with it. I understand what Bernie is talking about.

CHRIS CALLANAN, COLORADO RESIDENT: He draws intersectionalities between campaign financing and wealth inequality and just the idea of democracy in the U.S.

LEVI MORROW, COLORADO RESIDENT: When people like us are working sixty hours a week, and can still barely afford to survive, but people like the Waltons are getting tax breaks of more money than I will see in my lifetime, there is something wrong.

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