Jesse Ventura Teases Presidential Run To Halt "Global Fascism" Of Obama's International Trade Deals


In the latest episode of his "Off The Grid" online talk show, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (Independent, 1999-2003) teases that he might run for president to combat the "international corporate fascism" that he sees coalescing in the form of secret international trade deals. The intro to the show describes Ventura as: "Patriot, Navy Seal, Wrestler, Independent, Governor, Truth Seeker, Crusader, President?" with a flickering question mark after president.

Jesse Ventura explains how Benito Mussolini (who coined the term) defined fascism as the merger of state and corporate power, exactly what lawmakers like Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Jeff Sessions (R-MS) have warned might result from allowing an un-elected body of bureaucrats to regulate the global economy at a level which supersedes the U.S. government.

Those who have read the secret documents warn that the sort of international regulatory body outlined in international trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP), Trade in Services Agreement(TISA), and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership(TTIP) could lead to such an outcome.

JESSE VENTURA: What it means is a word that only I seem to say, and I get in trouble for saying it. It is called fascism, this is global fascism. By definition fascism is when corporations take over government. Mussolini would be so proud today. Can you imagine Mussolini in his grave, he must be standing up and cheering for this fascist movement. Where they allow corporations to shape what trade will be throughout the world, rather than for allowing for actual human input into it.

So clearly it shows exactly what I have been talking about [on this show and on his show Conspiracy Theory, which A&E cancelled years ago]. The corporations have paid off the politicians. Their power is now global. Decisions are being made by corporations for all the rest of us...

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It is only because of Wikileaks that the public has seen 4 of the 29 chapters of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership, including the chapters on environmental regulations and intellectual property. Wikileaks has leaked the full text of TISA, but TTIP, the European counterpart to TPP, remains shrouded in secret.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said "[They] can't make this deal public because if the American people saw what was in it, they would be opposed to it."

JESSE VENTURA: If they [Congressional leadership] thought the public was going to agree with it, they would expose it to the public. To get their agreement, which would make it easier than to move forward on it. So obviously, the public would oppose it, so that is why it it kept secret. You don't have to be a Rhodes scholar or a scientist to figure that out.

Whenever the government doesn't want you to see something, it is because they are involved in some kind of hanky panky. And they know that you won't like it. That is how come you are not going to see it. The Obama administration says they are the "most transparent." This proves that they are not the most transparent. They are going to try to control 40% of the economy throughout the world, and not even let the world know what they are doing. It is corporations at their finest.

Secretive, and throw it under national security so no one can know but the fascists themselves.


Get used to that word people. Fascism...

You have to do it out front. You have to let the public know what the treaty is all about. The problem is they are doing it in secret. So obviously if they do it in secret, there is stuff we won't like, that we will have to deal with after the fact.

It is another case of them looking at us as peons, when we are supposed to be the boss.

How many deals can you do at a company where the boss don't know about it?

We're the boss people, get that in your heads. We're supposed to be in charge, but we've allowed them to be in charge. What do you get? Fascism...

They're going to give it to us at the 11th hour and tell us we've got thirty minutes and we've got to move on it or all is lost, and they'll shove it down our throats.

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