NPR's Inskeep: Pro-States Rights Position "Discredited" By "Arguments Over Slavery Generations Ago"


STEVE INSKEEP, NPR: It is always a perilous thing to do, to look at one individual who does something like this and ask what are the larger ramifications, people really can take advantage of that but in this case, you have a young man who has been associated with this online manifesto in which he talks about recent events in the country, so that puts it on the table.

And you have conservatives, including Romney and others who are increasingly saying this is a problem for conservatives, because conservatives want to make states rights arguments, and they are discredited when they are associated with this flag, because Confederates were effectively making states rights arguments over slavery generations ago. There is increasingly an effort to get that out of the way so Republicans can make their case on the issues and not the past.

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