John Kasich To Pope Francis: The Environment Shouldn't Be Worshiped -- "That Is Called Pantheism"


Via THE UNDERCURRENT: I asked Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) if he agreed with Pope Francis that climate change is a moral issue requiring action. Kasich agreed that taking care of the planet is good. He disagreed with the Pope's conclusions, and made a strange implication: "The environment was given to us by the Lord, and it needs to be taken care of. And it shouldn’t be worshipped — that’s called ‘pantheism’…"

Road to Majority Conference / Faith and Freedom Coalition
Washington, DC: June 19, 2015.

GOV. JOHN KASICH: I read a great book on St. Franics of Assisi, who the pope kind of models himself after. The environment was given to us by the lord and it needs to be taken care of. It shouldn't be worshiped, that is called pantheism. The pope pointing out the fact that we need to take care of the environment, that is good, I don't agree with his conclusion that all of it is bad because of free enterprise.

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