Glenn Greenwald: "Unnamed Cowards" Accuse Snowden, "Sunday Times" Is "Destroying Credibility Of Journalism"


On BBC Radio, Glenn Greenwald responds to the story published in the "Sunday Times" that Edward Snowden allowed Russia or China access to his files.

GLENN GREENWALD: It is the kind of reporting that has single-handedly destroyed the credibility of journalism around the world.

All this story is are people inside the government who have an obvious interest in smearing the government, they are not going to have the courage to put their names on the allegations so they remain anonymous. There is zero evidence for them, there's all kinds of reasons to believe they are not true. It is not journalism, it is acting as subservient stenographers for government...

GLENN GREENWALD: If you're a Westerner you could say, when my government says it, it is true, when those bad governments say it, it is not true.

BBC REPORTER: Well that is a perfectly reasonable thing to say, isn't it? You're not suggesting President Putin's government is on a par in its support of democracy and human rights with the U.S. and Britain, are you?

GLENN GREENWALD: I'm pretty sure it wasn't Russia who destroyed a country of 26 million people called Iraq? Or set up a worldwide torture regime where they could torture people in secret in indefinite detention camps in the middle of the ocean called Guantanamo.

It is incredibly naive for Westerners to say my side is really good, it is Vladimir Putin's side who is the bad side. I had no doubt that Vladimir Putin gets propaganda value for letting Snowden be able to say he is protecting him, but I also have no doubt that Snowden would spend decades in prison if we brought him back to the U.S. for having done nothing wrong, and that is what asylum exists for.

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