Mark Halperin vs. Donald Trump: Did Trump's Announcement Have More Cameras Than Any Other Candidate?


HALPERIN: I'm trying to humanize you here. I’m here about your time with your family. What was it like? On a big day, you announce for president. Did anyone cry?

TRUMP: Nobody cried. Look, it wasn't --


TRUMP: There wasn't a dry eye in the house. No, nobody cried.

HALPERIN: Nobody cried.

TRUMP: Nobody cried.

HALPERIN: Was there hugging?

TRUMP: My wife (ph) was happy. There was hugging, there almost kissing.

HALPERIN: Almost kissing.


TRUMP: Let me tell you, that's not what people -- like somebody said, Donald, you do really well on this stuff. You do -- you know, I'm doing, and I think you will say, considering nobody, like nobody, thought I was running, I think I'm doing quite well. Right? They're all saying, oh, gee, he's taking the place of some senator who’s a stiff. You know, all the people, right? I built $9 billion worth of net worth. I own some of the greatest properties in the entire world, mortgage free for the most part, very low debt. I do a show on NBC, "The Apprentice," was one of their biggest shows ever. It’s a huge show and it’s still a big show. And they renewed it. And I can't do it because I’m doing this.

BRZEZINSKI: That’s what I wanted to --

TRUMP: I do a book, I do a book called "The Art Of The Deal." It’s probably the No. 1 best selling business book of all sometime. I go to the Wharton School of Finance, I was a good student at the hardest school there is to get into; even though it was a long time ago it was still the hardest school. And then they say, oh, he's not qualified to -- and they take some dope who becomes a senator, who doesn't have -- who's nothing. And he's qualified to be on the stage, but Trump isn't qualified. Give me a break.

SCARBOROUGH: So why do you think is?

BRZEZINSKI: What do you think is behind that?

SCARBOROUGH: What’s behind it?

TRUMP: Well, I don't want to say it because that would sound conceited. But there are --

SCARBOROUGH: Please, go ahead.

TRUMP: No, no, I don’t want to do it. Why would I do that?

BRZEZINSKI: Well, no --

TRUMP: I don't want to be that way.

But I will say this: My family is behind me 100 percent. But the reason I sort of want to laugh at the question a little bit, and I think it's a very nice question and I have a great family, I have a great wife. And you know my wife, and she’s great and she's beautiful and my kids are beautiful, and Ivanka did an unbelievable job. They had 37 live feeds. They had cameras -- you have to say, that place was mobbed yesterday. You know it. There more cameras than to any other presidential announcement by a factor of three or four.

SCARBOROUGH: Mark Halperin, is that true?

HALPERIN: Not by a factor or three of four.

TRUMP: Well, come on.

HALPERIN: There weren’t.

TRUMP: Was anybody -- OK.

HALPERIN: There were as many cameras at the Bush announcement on Monday. There were.

TRUMP: We had many more.

HALPERIN: No. You didn't have many more.

TRUMP: No, I’ll tell you --

HALPERIN: How do you know how many cameras were at the Bush announcement?

TRUMP: Because the people who do it told me. They said we had many more.

But here's the point. The point is very simple. This -- somebody said to me yesterday, Mr. Trump, do you think you have the personality? You're not a nice person. Do you think you have the personality to win? I said, actually, I am a nice person. I have great relationships, I have great friendships, I have great everything. I am. But I’ll tell you what, it doesn't matter, because this is going to be an election, in my opinion, that's based on competence. Because people are tired of being patsies for China, for Mexico, et cetera.

SCARBOROUGH: All right, so Mark, you tried to humanize him. Now I’m going to try.

TRUMP: He tried.

HALPERIN: I tried.

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