Trump: Republican Field "Controlled By Donors, Special Interests"


In an interview with Bill O'Reilly that aired Tuesday night on FOX News presidential candidate Donald Trump trashed the Republican field as "all talk, no action."

DONALD TRUMP: Well I don’t have a lot of respect for many of them, but yes I do a couple. But I will tell you I’ve been dealing with politicians all my life. They are all talk, no action. Never going to get done, they’re controlled by the lobbyists. They’re controlled by donors and they’re controlled by special interests. When I tell somebody to do something I’m not going to get a lobbyist calling me the next day to say please don’t do that even though it’s good for America...

All of my life they’re all talk, they’re no action and they’re totally controlled by their donors and by the lobbyists. This country if we have another politician that includes Hillary, we have another politician this country’s going down.

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