NBC's Welker: "Troubling News" For Hillary In Key Swing States, Bernie Sanders "Nipping At Her Heels"


NBC's Kristen Welker talks about a new Quinnipiac poll that shows a majority of voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania find Hillary Clinton untrustworthy. Also, a Suffolk University poll shows Hillary Clinton beating Bernie Sanders by only 10 points. Welker called this "troubling news" for the Clinton campaign."

KRISTEN WELKER, NBC NEWS: I'm told she's going to get personal today again. She's going to talk about the fact that her first job after law school was here in South Carolina. Of course this is a new tactic in 2016 as compared to her campaign in 2008. She wants to be more up close and personal with voters this time around.

This campaign stop comes amid some troubling news for the Clinton campaign. According to the latest Quinnipiac poll in three major swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a majority of voters say that they don't trust her. And then there's this from New Hampshire. A Suffolk University poll which shows that she is leading Bernie Sanders but only by about 10 points.

Bernie Sanders nipping at her heels, picking up many of those progressive voters who would have been Elizabeth Warren supporters. This is troubling for the Clinton campaign. When you talk to campaign officials about it, they say, look, they have been saying since day one that this is not a coronation, that she is going to earn every vote. Still, this race is becoming increasingly competitive by the day.

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