MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry Interviews Rachel Dolezal: I Don't Want To Be A Liability To "The Cause"


In an exclusive interview, Rachel Dolezal explains that she understands the anger among some observers about her situation but said "they really don't know what I've actually walked through and how hard it's been."

RACHEL DOLEZAL: I would say, stepping outside of myself, I would probably be enraged, how dare she claim this... But they don't know me. They really don't know what I've actually walked through, and how hard it is, this is not something that has been a sort of casual identity crisis, something that fades away, so you know I could go back to being white. If you are rejected by the black community, what do you do? I'll be me. At the same time, I never want to be a liability to the cuase, and I take that very seriously.

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