CNN: ISIS "Understands Western Culture Better Than... Muslim Leaders," Sends Simple Message: "They Insult Your Beliefs, Attack"


KIM DOZIER, CNN: I was just at a conference of Muslim and mideast scholars trying to figure out the same thing. Why are so many of their young people being attracted to ISIS?

And as near as they could figure out, it's that ISIS understands not only American and western culture better than a lot of these scholars and Muslim leaders do. But that they also know how to tap into the anger against it.

One scholar said a lot of imams in this country and the United States aren't familiar with that Kim Kardashian/Kanye West [with father Caitlyn Jenner] culture.

They don't know to advice their young people how to square traditional principles with that culture and how to advise them to fit in. ISIS is telling them a very simple message. That culture insults your beliefs, attack.

CNN HOSTS: Why is ISIS so familiar with western culture then? Where did that come from?

DOZIER: A lot of people within the ranks of ISIS are foreign fighters who have come from other parts of Europe and some from the United States. And that helps feed into this knowledge of, okay, this is what's going on in the outside world. This is what we're building, a so-called caliphate against.

And so that message is very seductive. It's not the message of be patient, try to fit in, try to find where you belong here. It's no, they're wrong, you're right and you should attack back.

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