Toure Roasts Rachel Dolezal: "The One Thing That Binds Black People Is The Experience Of Racism"


On MSNBC this afternoon, network contributor Toure called out Rachel Dolezal, a woman born white who claims to be transracial and black, saying she wants to be black when it's fun and be white when it's more convenient.

Toure said she does not understand the black experience of racism, something he says binds all black people together.

TOURE, MSNBC: When she says she knows what it's like to experience blackness, I'm just like, no! You don't! Just stop. And I find it offensive that you would suggest that you do. Look. When I did my book about blackness, I talked to a hundred folks, academics, all sorts of people and the one thing that binds black people is the experience of racism. There's not a cultural thing that binds all of us but the experience of racism. From systemic, stereotypical, microaggressions, whatever it is, and, no, she has not experienced anti-black racism and with the Howard suit, she sues Howard because she doesn't get a job because she's a white woman, you see that she wants to have it both ways. It's sort of like that old joke that everybody wants to be black until the cops show up. That's what she's doing and I find it entirely offensive that she wants to be black when it's fun and interesting and valuable but when it's more convenient, then she wants to be white.

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