Former NSA Director Michael Hayden: "This Is Not Shame On China, This Is Shame On Us"


Michael Hayden, who has served as director of both the CIA and NSA, explains how Snowden's files are "a legitimate foreign intelligence target" for foreign governments.

MICHAEL HAYDEN: I don't have any inside knowledge... This was done by the Ministry of State Security, which is essentially the equivalent of the CIA in the Chinese system. Whereas PLA Department Three is roughly the equivalent of the NSA. The human intelligence service.

These records are a legitimate foreign intelligence target. If I as director of CIA or NSA would have had the opportunity to grab the equivalent from the Chinese system, I would not have thought twice, I would not have asked permission, I'd have launched the Star Fleet and we'd have brought those suckers home at the speed of light.

So this is not shame on China, this is shame on us. For not protecting that kind of information.

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