Carly Fiorina Talks Run For Presidency, Tackles Questions On "The View"


NICOLLE WALLACE: I'm going to talk to you about being a woman in the Republican Party, because I think there's an impression that there's six of us and we all talk and that's not the case. Republicans are half the country and there are a lot of really smart Republican women. I thought your run for the Senate was one of the best in the country during the cycle and I think your run so far in the Republican primary is grabbing tons of headlines. But nothing you say makes more headlines than when you go after Hillary in a way that is satisfying to the base of our party. But I wonder if you ever worry – I watched your avails, the whole thing on C-SPAN. You have the most articulate defense of capitalism. You have the most specific economic message. You have met with all these world leaders but the media is so obsessed with seeing a Republican woman take on Hillary. How do you balance that?

CARLY FIORINIA: Well, I think first of all that Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee of the Democrat party. If you're going to be running for president, you have to contrast yourself, in this case, me with Hillary Clinton. I'm not doing that because I'm a woman or because she's a woman. I'm doing it because this is a race for the most important leadership position in the world

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