RCP's Rebecca Berg: TAA "Was A Priority For The President" Hasn't "Pushed This Hard" On Anything Since Obamacare


The Democrat-led defeat of Trade Adjustment Assistance in the House on Friday was an unexpected blow for the Obama administration.

REBECCA BERG, REALCLEARPOLITICS: We can't forget that [TAA] was a priority for the president, but extraordinary doesn't even begin to describe this outcome for President Obama, because he has not pushed this hard for anything really on the hill since the healthcare legislation at the beginning of his administration.

Here we saw that he fell short. So it says a lot about the juice Obama does or doesn't have left with Democrats and it says a lot about the party being in disarray right now...

What we did see on the hill with this vote, Republicans actually stepped up to support it, it was Democrats who shot it down, so this could actually be a big issue to watch in the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton you'll remember didn't take a stance on this issue.

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