CNN's Banfield Unsure If NAACP Leader Who Lied About Race Is Offensive: "I Can't Answer Because I'm White"


CNN anchor and legal analyst Ashleigh Banfield explains why she as a white woman is not qualified to talk about the woman who pretended to be black and ran the Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter.

BANFIELD: This is the credibility issues. This is the filling out. This is a representation. And then what about just the social implication? I mean you're an African-American woman and she's been pretending to be like you. Is there some kind of an offense or is it admiration? I mean some people could look at it as though she has immense admiration and wants more to be like that.

CHARLES: Well, it's complex and it's multilayered, you now? But one of the most interesting things I find about this is, she had risen to the ranks of being a leader of the NAACP for Spokane, Washington, which is not an easy thing to do, right? You have to have amazing credibility and have done incredible civil rights work.

The biggest concern for me, and I think for a lot of people, is that you have someone leading an organization such as the NAACP, which is storied with its history and its credibility of helping African- Americans and other groups in America for a long time who is a pathological liar. I mean, just let that sink in for a minute.


CHARLES: She's a pathological liar and she's gone through such great lengths to sort of perpetuate this lie.

BANFIELD: Beyond that, though.

CHARLES: And why?

BANFIELD: Is it offensive? I mean that's not a question for me. I can't answer it because I'm white. I don't know if it's offensive if someone were pretending to be white. And I want to know if it's offensive if a white woman is pretending to be a black woman.

CHARLES: You're asking me personally?

BANFIELD: I am, yes.

CHARLES: I don't -- I don't offend easily. I really don't.

BANFIELD: This is true. I've tried.

CHARLES: I don't -- I don't. I don't offend easily.


CHARLES: I think that someone going through a racial identity crisis really doesn't necessarily offend me. What bothers me, right, which is different from being offended --


CHARLES: Is that has she taken opportunities away from African- American women --


CHARLES: By pretending to be black?

JACKSON: Of course she's going to --

CHARLES: And that bothers me.

JACKSON: Of course she's going to argue that potentially she gave opportunities based upon the fine work that she did --


JACKSON: On behalf of that cause. And so, again, support who you want, be who you want, just don't misrepresent who you are.

(via Breitbart TV)

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