Clinton Campaign Chief John Podesta Defends Silence On Trade Issues: "Agreement Is Not Final"


CHUCK TODD: There was a list of issues that Hillary Clinton rolled out ideas, proposals, but there was on issue she ducked almost completely, just a veiled reference to the issue of trade. She has not wanted to step into this fight between House Dems and President Obama. Why was there no mention of the rift in the party and why has she not taken a position on what is the foremost fight in the Democratic Party right now?

JOHN PODESTA: She has been very clear where she stands on trade, she has laid out a two part test, how to look at trade agreements. First, does it create jobs, second, does it protect national security? That is her position. She said she wants to wait to see what the final deal is. The Trans-Pacific partnership that is the substance of the trade agreement, what we;ve seen in the last couple of days is skirmishes around the process of considering that agreement, but the agreement is not final.


CHUCK TODD: Can we credibly assume that she would walk away from TPP, which she called in 2010 "an exciting opportunity," in 2011 a "benchmark" for future agreements, in 2012 the "gold standard" of trade agreements, and in 2013 "could really enhance our relationship with Asia."

It does not sound like she is against this deal.

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