Dem Congressman DeFazio Blasts Obama on Trade: Trying To "Get Us To Give Up Our Constitutional Authority"


Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio (D-OR) blasted President Obama after he visited Capitol Hill in an attempt to coax Congressional Democrats to vote for the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and ultimately Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

DeFazio told reporters President Obama "insulted our integrity."

The Democratic Congressman also ripped the president for ignoring both sides of the aisle of Congress during his presidency.

DeFazio appeared on MSNBC's The Ed Show Friday night to further explain his outrage at being insulted by President Obama.

"Look, after you've neglected the House for seven years," DeFazio said of Obama's relationship with own party in Congress, "a sort of last-minute dating approach isn't particularly effective."

DeFazio criticized Obama for asking Democrats to "play it straight" on passing the trade authority while the White House tried to use "every trick they had" to "jam" trade authority through.

The Congressman said the White House is trying to get Congress to "to give up our constitutional authority" to oversee the trade negotiation and amend it if necessary.

"The president is talking about being straight with us? an incredulous DeFazio asked. "They used every trick they had and try to jam this thing through, get us to give up our constitutional authority to actually meaningfully participate in this trade negotiation and immediately amend it if is bad, which it is now."

DeFazio also said the president and the White House "blew off all the Democrats and worked with Republicans for votes."

"His people have totally blown off the Democrats, except they cut a deal on the Senate side with Senator Wyden, but on the House side they blew off on the House Democrats on that committee and just worked with the Republicans for this proposal," the Congressman said.

DeFazio promised he and other Democrats "will be doing everything available to derail" the deal.

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