Boehner: "Democrats Appear Willing To Shut Down The Government"


Today, the House will vote on a defense funding bill that “gives our troops the resources they need and the pay raises that they deserve,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said today. Unless Democratic plans to "block, filibuster, veto everything" lead to another shutdown...

JOHN BOEHNER: Here in the House, it’s another big week for the people’s priorities. We’ve voted to make Internet access tax-free permanently – protecting jobs and opportunity. We’ve passed more reforms to rein in red tape on America’s farmers. And today we’ll pass a defense bill that gives our troops the resources they need and the pay raises that they deserve.

For their part, Washington Democrats are doing all they can to block this pay raise for our troops. Their plan is to block, filibuster, veto everything – starting with a pay raise for our troops – in order to extract more funding for the IRS and the EPA. Now, if they don’t get what they want, Democrats appear willing to shut down the government.

What this comes down to is real simple: Do Democrats support our troops, or don’t they? Do Democrats put our troops first, or do they put the IRS and the EPA first?

Because on one hand right now, we’ve got the president saying he doesn’t have a strategy to defeat the grave threat from ISIL. And on the other, we have his party holding up funding for our troops and their mission.

So whatever game the Democrats are playing, it’s dangerous, and frankly it ought to stop.

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