Ruth Marcus: Hillary Clinton's Evasive Stance On Trade Deals Is "Laughable"


Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus demystifies Hillary Clinton's stance on granting the president Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which transfers power to approve trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership from Congress to the president for a period of five years. Meaning President Obama and the next president would have authority to unilaterally sign the U.S. up for such deals.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Hillary is an expert, she was Secretary of State when they put this thing together, what does she really believe? Is she for trade or against it?

RUTH MARCUS, WASHINGTON POST: She's for getting elected and not for annoying the base unnecessarily. And that's what is going on here.

There are two levels of the vote, one was to support fast track authority, and what the Clinton campaign folks are saying, which is really kind of laughable, is that, oh that's really a procedural type vote. That's really an internal Congressional matter. Ha ha ha, she would have that authority if she were president.

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