Bill Clinton on Future Of Foundation If Hillary Wins: "We'll Have To Talk About It"


Former President Bill Clinton discusses what role he may have in a potential Hillary Clinton administration. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference in Denver.

Speaking about the future of the Clinton Foundation if the former Secretary of State wins, Clinton said

BETTY LIU, BLOOMBERG NEWS: See it very well. So, Mr. President, what happens, though, to the foundation's work, which the great, as I mentioned, the great work that you have done, what happens, as you have mentioned many times this year is different because you do -- your wife is running for president. What happens if she does in fact win the election and enters the White House? What happens to the foundation's work? What happens to you at the foundation?

FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Well I don't know. I'll be almost grown by then. I will give you, but my serious answer is this. I believe if you have been president, and the current president of either party asks you to do anything, if in good conscience you can do it, you should do it. Now that's the truth, quite apart from our being husband and wife.

That will be not an easy decision, should she be elected president. And she will have to decide what's my highest and best use, including being around to buck her up every morning. I mean really if she wins, and I think it would be a very good thing for America if she did win I think, but -- but --

LIU: You mean there will have to be a hard decision made on -- on the foundation.

CLINTON: Yes I know. But we'll have to talk about it. But I don't know. But what I have tried to do, I never -- I always took all the money people gave us and put it right into the work. So my foundation, which is helping now, soon will be soon over 100,000 farmers in Africa, we've got the -- we -- I separated in 2010 the health work, which is what gets most of the government work.

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