Pamela Geller To CNN's Chris Cuomo: "They're Going To Come For You Too, Chris"


Yesterday it was revealed that a person fatally shot by law enforcement officers in Boston on Tuesday had potentially been planning on beheading Pamela Geller, she appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning for another debate with Chris Cuomo. "Drawing an an innocuous cartoon warrants chopping my head off?” she demanded, warning the media to be particularly wary after last summer’s beheading of two western journalists. “That’s too far?… There going to come for you too, Chris. They’re coming for everybody."

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN: Why go slight for slight with the Muslims? Why not do what we often teach as a function of virtue when we are dealing with savagery, which is show that we are better than this. Not show that we can poke them in the eye in a way they don't like.

PAMELA GELLER, CNN: That's not what you're doing. You are submitting, you are kowtowing. If you draw a stick figure and say it is Mohammed, they will come and kill you, and so you say, OK we won't draw it. CNN won't show it--

CHRIS CUOMO: I did show the cartoon after Charlie Hebdo. But I also understand the security concerns of CNN as an organizations, and you should as well...

PAMELA GELLER: People need to understand the jihadist doctrine, and that it is coming for you. Mainstream Muslims should be standing with me shoulder to shoulder in defense of free speech. It is absurd, your position that we should abridge our right to free speech for a vicious and radical ideology.

CHRIS CUOMO: I don't have that position and you know it. You know that is not my position. I embrace your right to do it. I have you on here to discuss it because I embrace the right.

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