Mitch McConnell: USA-FREEDOM Act "A Resounding Victory" for Snowden & "Those Who Plot Against Our Homeland"


Sen. Mitch McConnell said the passage of the USA Freedom Act by a 67-32 vote, was a "resounding victory for Edward Snowden. It is also a resounding victory for those who currently plotted against our homeland."

On the president's national security strategy:

SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL: Earlier this year, I observed that President Obama's national security policy has been noteworthy for its consistent objectives. He has been very consistent.

Drawign down our conventional and nuclear forces. Withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan. Ending the tools developed by the previous administration to fight the war on terror and placing a greater reliance on international organizations and diplomacy.

That has been the hallmark of the Obama foreign policy. None of this is a surprise. The president ran in 2008 as a candidate who would end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the war on terror.

Our nation has a regretable history of drawing down our forces and readiness after each conflict. Only to find ourselve ill-prepared for the next great struggle.

The bookends for the president's policy are the executive order he signed his very first day in office which included the declaration that Guantanamo would be closed within a year without any plan for what to do with the detainees.

And the executive order which ended the CIA's interrogation and detention programs.

On the PATRIOT Act and the USA-FREEDOM Act which just replaced it:

MCCONNELL: Nobody's civil liberties are being violated here. The president's campaign to destroy the tools used to prevent another terrorist attack have been aided by those seeking to prosecute officers in the intelligence community, diminish our intelligence capabilities, and despicably to leak and reveal classified information, putting our nation further at risk.

Those who reveal the tactics, sources and methods of our military and intelligence community give playbook to ISIL and al-Qaeda. The AP declared today the end of [PATRIOT Act] section 215 is a, quote, this is the headline in the AP today: "Resounding Victory for Edward Snowden."

A "Resounding Victory for Edward Snowden."

It is also a resounding victory for those who plotted against our homeland.

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