De Blasio To Jon Stewart On "Safe" NYC: "No Dichotomy" In Strategy That Mixes "Constitutional Rights" And "Strong Policing"


"We brought down murder to a rate we haven't seen since the early 60s," mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday night's broadcast of The Daily Show. "We brought down crime across the board. We do have a shooting problem. A shooting problem last year, and a shooting problem this year. Nothing like New York City had 15, 20 years ago. Let's be correct. But something's persistent, particularly around gangs. And we have new strategies to go in there, both with policing and both with gang intervention which is undermining gang recruitment at the level."

"Those strategies need to be applied. Going back to an unconstitutional, alienation and unfair to the populace, it doesn't work. It ties up a ton of police time and energy going after what is not serious crime. So, I think we are broadly on the right track. But, look, what are we doing? We're retraining our police force and how to work with the community. We're doing body cameras, which I think will instill a lot more trust between the police and the community," he also said.

"I think this is going to add up because people are not wasting time on unconstitutional stops and low-level marijuana arrests on either," de Blasio also said.

However, according to WABC-TV, shootings are up in NYC.

"One NYPD police union saying the best way to fight the recent surge in shootings and murders is to increase "Stop and Frisk," told WABC.

WABC-TV reports:

Crime overall may be down in New York, but murders are most certainly not and are up nearly 20% so far this year.

Shootings are also up.

The debate's flaring on how to prevent gun violence.

Mayor Bill de Blasio disagrees with the police union and is insisting the NYPD can fight crime without more "Stop and frisks".

"New York City continues to be an extraordinarily safe city, the safest big city in America, that is clear," Mayor de Blasio said.

The mayor late Tuesday said New Yorkers have no reason to worry about crime.

But video from Sunday in Bedford-Stuyvesant tells another story, although overall crime is down 6.5%, but violent crime is way up.

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