Krauthammer on Obama Saying He's "Closest Thing To A Jew" in WH: "I'm Not Sure I Even Understand What That Means"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I'm not sure I even understand what that means. But perhaps the judgment of Israelis, who 6 million of them are Jews, have a pretty good idea of what a Jew is and, more importantly have what a good idea of what a friend is. I think the approval rating for Obama is about 15% among Israelis... So the administration pretends this is about Netanyahu, Likud and the hawks. Fifteen-percent of Israelis have a favorable view of Obama. The overwhelming majority of the Israelis know that this president has been probably the least favorable to Israel of any in Israel's history and at a moment where Israel's existence is actually in question.

For Obama, this is matter of personal hurt? I mean who cares what he feels? The issue is will Iran go nuclear? We know what Iran's objective is -- the eradication of Israel. Something it repeats over and over again. And it will acquire the means to do so. The issue here is that after 40 years of nonproliferation, based on the principle that nobody enriches uranium, we are now going to be signing a deal proudly with Iran which is a rogue state and has broken every promise it has made. A rogue state which is now going to be able to enrich legally and legitimacy. That's the end the nonproliferation regime and we're going to enter a period of hyper proliferation starting now.

BAIER: I have two soundbites here. One is President Obama talking and addressing Israel directly. I want to play that one to the Israeli people.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: To the israeli people, I understand your concerns and I understand your fears. But what is the worst scenario is the path that we're currently on in which there's no nuclear resolution and ultimately we have no way to verify whether Iran has a weapon or not. Sanctions won't do it. A military solution is temporary. The deal that we're negotiating potentially takes a nuclear weapon off the table for 20 years.

BAIER: Potentially takes it off the table for 20 years.

KRAUTHAMMER: Look, that is ridiculous. Assuming there's no cheating, we will legitimatize a bomb in a lot shorter time than that. But this assumption of no cheating it's so naive, it's incomprehensible. We've already heard about Iran cheating on the enrichment -- it's increasing by 20%. It's supposed to freeze on the export of oil. it's exceeded its caps every month in the last 18 months. All of this has been happening with sanctions and under restrictions.

Imagine how Iran is going to act after sanctions are lifted, after the agreement is signed when it has zero incentive to refrain from cheating and we know it will. And even if it cheats and we find out about it, I guarantee you that this idea that we're going to have snap-back sanctions in the U.N. is something that will absolutely never happen.

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