Santorum on Rand Paul's ISIS Comment: "I'd Expect To Hear That From Bernie Sanders"


In his first interview since announcing his 2016 presidential bid, Republican contender Rick Santorum tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Rand Paul sounds like Bernie Sanders.

RICK SANTORUM: ISIS didn't come about because of ... the arms that America left behind. ISIS came about because they hate everything that we believe in and we stand for. I think the idea that we accept now that this tripe from the left that it’s our fault that ISIS exists -- go back to the thousand-year history of Muslim expansionism, and look at some of the horrible things that were done to spread radical Islam. That is not something that America had anything to do with....

I would expect to hear that from maybe Bernie Sanders. I don't expect to hear that from someone running for the Republican nomination,” Santorum told Stephanopoulos.

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