K.T. McFarland: "The Dirty Little Secret Is There Is No More Iraq"


FOX News Contributor and former Reagan State Department public affairs official K.T. McFarland says the Obama administration not only has to admit their Iraq strategy is not working but acknowledge the "dirty little secret" that Iraq as a nation does not exist.

K.T. McFARLAND, REAGAN STATE DEPT. OFFICIAL: How many times do we keep fighting this fight? We saw a year ago, there were 30,000 Iraqi Armed Forces and a couple of hundred ISIS. They came together in Mosul. And instead of standing and fighting the 30,000 didn't fight the couple hundred. The 30,000 took off their uniforms and dropped their weapons and ran away. ISIS took those weapons and then used them for themselves. We had a repeat a few weeks ago in Ramadi where multiple thousands, five to one advantage to the Iraqi [Armed Forces]. What did they do again? Dropped the weapons, ran away. The dirty little secret is there is no more Iraq.

And the administration policy is to say we're going to train the Iraqi army, arm the Iraqi army. They will stand up and fight. No they're not. Why? Because the Iraqi army is now a Shiite army controlled by Iran and Iran is not going to fight -- it's not going to have the Iraqi army defend other parts of Iraq that are Sunni, either Kurds or the Sunni-Arab tribes.

BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS: If that is the case then the scariest aspect of all that analysis is that ISIS will continue to dig itself in and become even better at war.

McFARLAND: Absolutely. And it is recruiting from all over the world. Where is the momentum? And the thing again is, the trend of this. ISIS is winning. Maybe they're having a few setbacks here and there, but the Iraqi army is not going to fight them. They're not standing up to fight. They've already had two examples where they had an opportunity, an easy opportunity to stand up and fight they did not. They cut an run.

Do we continue to have the same strategy where we're going to train them a little more, give them yet another new set of weapons, hope that next time they'll fight? They haven't done it and they're not going to do it. And, again, the dirty secret is there is no more Iraq and the administration's policy is to say we're helping Iraq. There isn't Iraq anymore.

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