Bill Kristol: FOX News "Colluding" With RNC On Who Will Be Allowed To Participate In First Debate


On Wednesday's broadcast of Morning Joe, the editor of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol said he is "annoyed" by the RNC's handling of the first debate between Republican presidential candidates which will be moderated by FOX News Channel in Ohio.

Kristol thinks the RNC and FOX News are "colluding" on limiting the field for the debate.

BILL KRISTOL: I think there are 14 candidates. Mark [Halperin] said earlier there were 7 that could win Iowa -- I totally agree with that -- but there are 14 who are serious people. You've got governors, Senators, former Governors, former Senators, serious private sector individuals. I think they all deserve to be on the stage for the first two or three debate. You can't have them all on one stage, so what do you do? Is this really that commissioned? You have two debates, seven people each. You pick lots, one set of seven go for an first hour and a half, the second seven for an hour.

Republicans would be interested. They wouldn't turn off the TV halfway through. They'd like to seem them all. It's not that they interact with each other anyway, it's mostly a moderator each ask them a question.

I'm very annoyed at the RNC and Reince Priebus and now I think FOX is kind colluding with them for that first debate in August at limiting the field. Which one are they going to say doesn't deserve to be there? Rick Santorum, who won Iowa last time, he was the runner up actually, the runner up? Mike Huckabee, who was the runner up in 2008? Carly Fiorina, who you said is impressive.. Carly today is in Columbia, South Carolina, right across the street I gather from Hillary Clinton.

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