Sununu: Rand Paul Left of Obama on Security Spending, PATRIOT Act, "Wrapping Himself In The Beauty Of His Record"


BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS: I want you to listen to Governor Chris Christie as he phrased it over the weekend, then what Senator Paul said this morning on Fox News.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: This debate we are having about the PATRIOT Act and whether we should have strong intelligence around the world is a very dangerous debate because it's being done by people who have no experience dealing with what I have dealt with.

SEN, RAND PAUL: That just wasn't very nice of him. I wouldn't put it that way. I would say i'm a defender of the Bill of Rights and someone that defends the spirit of the framers of the Constitution.

BILL HEMMER: What Senator Paul would argue is that, in a time of perceived chaos, don't panic.

JOHN SUNUNU: He's wrapping himself in the beauty of his rhetoric. The fact is. You can't have a period of time without the tools in place. Senator Paul is also an advocate of gutting the defense budget. He's in fact to the left of Obama on both of those issues. If he wants to have a debate he ought to stand up and have the debate and not just block legislation.

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