O'Reilly: Both Obama and Bush Made Blunders in Iraq


BILL O'REILLY: Over the weekend, we learned that an Army Delta Force team crossed into Syria from Iraq, killing about a dozen ISIS jihadists including Abu Sayyaf, a top leader.

Sayyaf's wife was captured along with a bunch of computers and cell phones. A young woman kept as a slave by the couple was rescued.

No injuries to the Delta team.

In just a few moments, Colonels Hunt and Peters will have the inside story on the dramatic operation...

Although some still believe the coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003 was the right thing to do, President Bush and Vice President Cheney among them, history will show that the tribal divisions in that country made it impossible for a non-dictator to govern effectively.

The Sunni-Shia hatred runs so deep unity was impossible and Iraq has now fallen apart because U.S. forces are not there to impose order and prop up the Army.

It is safe to say that the American government did not understand the brutal Iraqi internal situation when the war started.

It is also a fact that nation building is no longer a viable strategy in the Muslim world.

Talking Points believes history will judge that both Presidents Obama and Bush made serious mistakes in Iraq.

While removing Saddam Hussein in the face of a worldwide terror threat may have seemed like a sound tactical decision at the time, the unintended consequences have been staggering for America and the world.

The empowerment of Iran at the top of the list.

So now the USA has to deal with an aggressive terror threat, ISIS. But because the nation has been exhausted by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, decisive action has become much more difficult.

But the next president must defeat ISIS or face ongoing terror violence that will be staggering.

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