Dick Clarke: US Fight Against ISIS "Kind of Doing It Half-Assed"


Former White House counter terrorism adviser Richard Clarke speaks with Chris Hayes:

RICHARD CLARKE: We opened Pandora’s box when we went into Iraq. And some said that beforehand, not many. And all of this stuff that we’re seeing today, the rise of ISIS, the disintegration of the state in Iraq, the disintegration of the state in Syria, I think is arguably directly connected to our invasion. We destroyed the state. This is what happens when you destroy a state.

You have chaos. You have the rise of factions, regional and ethnic factions, and I think we can look at that decision and say that’s the reason that hundreds of thousands, probably a couple of million actually, if you add it all up, people have been killed...

We’re kind of doing it half-assed. And I understand why. The president, and a lot of the American people who elected him don’t want to go back into Iraq. They elected him to get out of Iraq, after all. And they’re reluctant to go any further than we have.

(via Breitbart TV)

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