Trump: Jeb Bush Looks Like He Doesn't Want To Run


In an appearance on the Thursday broadcast of FOX News' Kelly File, Donald Trump says Jeb Bush doesn't look like he wants to run for president.

"I think he's a reluctant warrior," Trump told Megyn Kelly. "I think he doesn't want to be running. I don't know why he's running. He looks unhappy. He looks like he just doesn't want to be there. I watched the interview. The question couldn't have been any easier."

Trump said Bush handled the Iraq question awfully and that he was always an opponent to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

You don't have to ask me, Trump said of his position on Iraq, because "you have the article in 2004 where I said I was strongly against ever going in."

"I knew Iran and Iraq as being the same in terms of power and they push one way, they push the other way. They had a five-year war then they stopped and took a breather and then they had years where nothing ever happened," Trump said.

"We decapitated Iraq and now Iran is taking over the entire Middle East," Trump said. "it's the fault of Obama there's no question...It's the fault of Bush for going in. It's the fault of Obama for getting out. It's a disaster. The war should have never happened and then once it did happen you should have left the troops in."

Trump also made a push for his potential campaign, saying America is a "hell hole" and he wants "to make the country great again."

"I want to make the country great again," Trump said. "This country is a hell hole. We are going down fast. I am a conservative, but I have a big heart. I will take care of people."

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