NYT's Jeremy Peters: Democrats Supporting Rand Paul's Filibuster Show The Usual Left-Right Allegiances Are "Scrambled"


On MSNBC's Last Word on Wednesday night, New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters talks about the makeshift alliance forming between libertarians and liberals against issues like the PATRIOT act renewal and international trade agreements.

JEREMY PETERS, NEW YORK TIMES: This is kind of a funny issue. It's one of the many on Capitol Hill lately, you can point to trade as well, that has sort of scrambled the usual Republican-Democrat allegiances. Mike Lee the Republican senator from Utah is out there supporting Rand Paul, as well. Ted Cruz is sympathetic to Rand Paul's point of view, although he wouldn't go quite as far.

You know, it really is a tough vote for a lot of these lawmakers to take because essentially when they're called out by the opposition on this and people want to renew the PATRIOT Act, they run the risk of being called soft on national security. And I think a lot of lawmakers are afraid of that branding.

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