Hardball: Did Mike Morell Just Accidentally Expose Dick Cheney's WMD Lie?


MSNBC's Chris Matthews and his panelists react to Matthews' shocking interview Tuesday with Mike Morell, in which the former CIA acting director seemed to admit that Dick Cheney lied about Iraq's nuclear weapons program on Meet The Press before the war in 2003. David Corn and Eugene Robinson join to discuss.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I've been in this business for a long time and rarely do you have that Perry Mason moment. Where the guy just comes out and says "You know what, I'm the top briefer for the president from the CIA, I'm deputy DCI, I was there I told them all we knew and we never knew, we never said he had a nuclear weapon, and yet we went into war with that argument...

What do you think Cheney and Bush are saying right now? "He just outed us."

EUGENE ROBINSON, WASHINGTON POST: Well, some are still in denial, and others are thinking "Hah! I got away with it."

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