Krauthammer: North Korea Claim, Ramadi Scary, But Obama Calling Climate Change Great Threat "Scariest Of All"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: This is scary in three ways. Number one, the North Korean leadership is probably clinically nuts or certainly paranoid and we have no idea what they can do and what they will do. And if they have the miniaturized weapon -- eventually they're going to get it within a year, or two, or three anyway -- they actually could hit San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Second, they share everything. They were actually helping in Syria. We know they are helping Iran. And if they learn how to miniaturize and they translate the intelligence, that accelerate's Iran going nuclear. And the last thing, the scariest of them all, is in the midst of all of this -- Ramadi falls, this announcement from North Korean -- the president gives an address to the Coast Guard Academy and talks about climate change as the great threat to our national security. That is the scariest of them all.

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