Jonah Goldberg: "Malevolent, Lugubrious" Sidney Blumenthal "A Political Mercenary" Fit For A "Medici Prince"


JONAH GOLDBERG, NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE: You hear Hillary Clinton say 'I like to talk to you my old friends, from outside of politics, get out of my bubble -- which is nonsense. Sidney Blumenthal is a malevolent lugubrious political mercenary that could be more appropriately placed as an adviser to a Medici prince in the 14th Century. He's been a hatchet man for the Clintons for 25 years, they know him through politics, they use him as a political tool, both when he was allegedly an objective reporter and when he worked for them. There is a reason why the Obama administration refused to let Hillary Clinton hire this guy. He's a very sketchy guy...

He went around lying to reporters, columnists, about what he was asked by the grand jury... He's the one who said Monica Lewinsky was the stalker who attacked Bill Clinton. He's the one who peddled rumors around town about the Clintons' enemies.

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