Hillary Laughs At Interview Request From FNC's Ed Henry: "I Might, I'll Have To Ponder It"


Fox News Channel White House correspondent Ed Henry was bored on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton this morning when he tried to interrupt her with a question. Hillary's response:

HILLARY CLINTON: Just, just wait. Yeah, maybe when I finish talking to the people here, how about that? I might, I'll have to ponder it, but I will put it on my list for due consideration.

Next, Ed Henry tells the story of what happened:

ED HENRY: We had been through one of these campaign events after another, getting monotonous, one city after another. Roundtables. All candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are able to do their talking points, but we've gone 27, 28 days without a question. That's why I just jumped in. I tried to do it respectfully when there was a pause in what she was saying and politely said, will you take questions from us? She was taking questions from her supporters who lobbed softballs. She eventually, after that funny moment where she said I'm pondering it, she pondered then marched to the back of the room and took five or six questions.

That's all well and good. Maybe she is listening to David Axelrod and other Democrats saying not just take questions from reporters, but get out there and mix it up. You see in that video after the event she went out, shook hands, talked to people, said I want your support. she's been cloistered so far. Today she's been getting out there.

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