Earnest vs. Karl: Overall Strategy For ISIS Has Been A Success, "Will Be Long-Term Proposition"


ABC News' Jonathan Karl asks White House spokesman Josh Earnest about "success" in Iraq.

JONATHAN KARL: On the overall track record of military operations, and the president’s strategy on this, you said we’ve seen periods of progress and success. Would you say that overall the strategy has been a success?

JOSH EARNEST: Look Jon, yeah, overall, yes. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been areas of setback as we saw in Ramadi.

KARL: Exporting terror to Libya? Taking voer the capitol of Iraq’s largest province? This is overall success?

EARNEST: We’ve also seen a coalition of 60 nations around the world join the U.S> in this fight, we’ve seen a new Prime Minister take office in Iraq and unite that country and deploy a multisectarian that has succeeded in liberating aread of Diyala, Ninevah, Babel, Kirkuk provinces.

We’ve seen important Iraqi security force gains in Tikrit and Ramadi, we’ve also seen strategic areas
like Sinjar Mountain and Mosul Damn where Iraqi security forces have emerged victorious, but we have also seen significant period of setbacks, and that is what a military conflict is going to be, particularly one that is going to be a long term proposition like this one.

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