CNN Asks Rand Paul What He Would Do If ISIS Entered Baghdad


CNN QUESTION: What about Baghdad? What would you do if Baghdad were in danger of falling?

SEN. RAND PAUL: Yeah. I'm all for the U.S. helping and supporting the Iraqis, and we have been. And I'm all for the air power and continuing to help the Iraqis and the Kurds with arms and with air support.

Ramadi is different, it is not a Kurdish region, you are now talking about a Sunni region. This is ultimately why Iraq has devolved into a failed state. What we got is a government that is almost entirely Shi'ite, aligned with Iran, and the Sunnis feel left out. It is also why Americans or Shi'ites can retake the cities, but we can't ultimately have a lasting peace unless the Sunnis are involved.

It is a very complicated situation with many different players. But if the Sunnis are not involved there will not be a lasting peace.

CNN QUESTION: But if you were president, and you saw ISIS encroaching on Baghdad, what would the U.S. role be?

SEN. RAND PAUL: Right now, air support, but the one thing I would be doing in addition to that would be arming the Kurds. To a much greater extent then we have been. And to recognize the Kurds as a nation.

The other thing I would do, is one of the things we did during the surge. People talk about American troops during the surge, one of the other things we did was put a lot of money into assistance to the Sunni chieftains to encourage their support. If you weigh that amount of money worth what we're spending on other things, I think it would be money well spent to try to encourage the alliegence of the Sunni chieftains again.

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