Krauthammer on Politicizing Amtrak: Reflexive Answer From "Braindead" Liberals Is to "Throw More Money At It"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I mean, Ray LaHood the former Transportation Secretary under Obama blamed it on crumbling infrastructure and of course we need more money. You know, how stupid do they think we are? This is a train going 102 miles per hour in a 50 mile zone. This is no crumbled problem. This is a speeding problem. This isn't an infrastructure problem. This is a personnel problem. But the knee jerk reflexive reaction of any Democrat of anything that happens in the country is throw more money at it.

You get the riots in Baltimore, reflexive answer is throw more money at the schools. You know Baltimore has a second highest spending of any urban area in America on schools and they're a disaster. You get hurricanes and tornadoes. When's the Democratic answer? Oh, that's global warming. Climate change. You need more windmills.

They have a single answer to everything. Raise your taxes, spend the money and the other thing that's really quite remarkable about this, only six years ago, not 100 years ago that the Democrats passed the largest infrastructure spending bill in the history of the galaxy. Even the Klingons never spent $380 billion on infrastructure to rebuild America. Remember the roads, the ports? The airports, the bridges. Where did that money go? But they're always at the trough again for more money for infrastructure. It shows a brain dead liberalism with no other answer to every other question.

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