Gutfeld: Clintons Used Stephanopoulos Interview Of Peter Schweizer To Discredit "Clinton Cash"


On Friday's edition of FOX News' The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld observed the Stephanopoulos interview of Peter Schweizer, author of the anti-Clinton book Clinton Cash, and the Clinton's use of it to discredit the author is "like two criminals providing each other an alibi."

"He was so attack dog in that interview," co-host Eric Bolling said.

"If that interview hadn't happened and the Washington Free Beacon had called it, it would have still made a little ripple, but it wouldn't be this tidal wave," Five co-host Dana Persino said about media coverage of Stephanopoulos' donations

"They sourced each other, that's the great thing," Gutfeld said. "It's like the Clinton campaign fact checks Schweizer's book, and then Stephanopoulos uses that in the interview and then Clinton goes back to the Stephanopoulos interview and says, "see." So it's this little circle of sourcing each other. It's like two criminals providing each other an alibi."

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