Fireworks: Gavin McInnes vs. Tamara Holder: "Feminism Has Made Women Miserable," You'd Be Much Happier At Home"


FOX News contributors Gavin McInnes and Tamara Holder got in an interesting argument over feminism on Thursday's Hannity

"The big picture here is women do earn less in America because they choose to. They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal so they end up earning less. They're less ambitious. I think this is nature's way of saying women should be at home with the kids. They're happier there," Vice co-founder and FOX News commentator Gavin McInnes said to Tamara Holder on Thursday's Hannity.

"If you were a real feminist, you would support housewives and see them as them as heroes and women at work are wasting their time," McInnes later said.

"Generally out of the 250 million people, or 150 million people, most women are happier at home," McInnes told Holder. "They are pretending that they like working, and they're not making money because they don't stay all night at the office. They don't go the extra mile. They don't work all weekend. You're making a mistake. Uou would be much happier at home with a husband and children.

This elicited an "oh boy" from Hannity.

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